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Trokie Capsules
Trokie Capsules

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Evidence suggests that CBD (cannabidiol) can support a wide range of physical and emotional health goals. Trokie CBD Nanocapsules eliminate many of the drawbacks associated with other delivery methods, including oils and topical creams, by providing you with an exact dose in each capsule. Our Nanocapsules provide a form of CBD to help increase the level and speed of absorption to improve the experienced health benefits.

Trokie CBD Nanocapsules are a high-potency solution for your wellness goals. The CBD in each capsule quickly and efficiently absorbs into your body to provide health support for 4-8 hours. Over time, many people report improvements to their wellbeing and their quality of life. These tabs are ideal after exercise, a long day at work, or simply when getting out of bed in the morning. CBD has a natural, calming effect on your system, helping you to take on the challenges of the day in a way you never thought possible.

Trokie is committed to delivering controlled and consistent cannabinoid doses in all our products. So, whenever you take a nanocapsule, you know you�re getting the same, precise amount every time. If you want to increase the dose, you can do so in a graded manner, without having to measure.

Benefits include:

  • Potent 25mg capsules
  • Consistent, easy dosing
  • Fast-acting, long-lasting relief
  • Virtually no THC (less than 0.01% THC or <100ppm)
  • Avoid the hassle of other CBD delivery methods

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